Thursday, June 10, 2010


A couple of blogs ago I wrote about the gentleman in my life (that would be Michael) who has always opened doors for others...a wonderful trait. And? And, this!

This morning M was reading the journals I've written on his Caringbridge site (keeping you posted on his AMY condition). I remarked that I thought that's one way God is using us in this latest mission of His...for us. He said it was me ~ through my writings. Perhaps, but if so then the secret to my writings is the subject involved and I told him I had no difficulty writing when I write about God...and about Michael.

I added this to my remark, "You know, M...God always comes first and you are are playing second fiddle...I doubt that you mind." Of course he doesn't.

When he was in college, our Scott asked me if I believed that love is blind? I replied that I suppose so because that's what I'd always heard. I surely didn't get a reply I might have expected...he said "Well Mom, Dad must've really loved you a lot". WHAT??? Always the diplomat replied quickly "Mom, you're a late bloomer". Wow...thanks son! And so, some love must be blind...and that may be a good thing.

I think of how God sees me...His love is pure and God doesn't when he tells me that He loves me? I know, without a doubt, that His eyes are in no way blind. That is such an awesome feeling to know...for sure...that my God LOVES ME...pitiful me...that's a wow!

This post began with M opening doors and closes with M opening eyes. You see, he has helped me in more ways than he could open my eyes and not only 'see' Christ but to 'know' Christ. God has surely directed him and in turn, M has directed eyedrops...straight to the heart. The eyes have it.

M has this thing...ever since he 'forgot' our last anniversary...he puts little notes, cards and stuff around in surprising places and writes, "I'm just practicing...just practicing". And me? What d'ya think...I eat it up! Way to go, Michael.

So here I am...looking at you with eyes overflowing with love...clear and wide His.

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others...For beautiful lips speak only words of kindness...And for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."...Audrey Hepburn

Practice makes perfect.

Balanced and Unafraid....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010