Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let Me Open the Door

M has always opened doors for me...his mom and dad taught him to be 'a gentleman' and he a multitude of ways! I love the way he 'handles' me...very comforting, very protective and I adore him for it.

He's much like God in that way...we've learned God opens doors in a most amazing way...does He ever!

Like? Last night and this morning and....! It's no surprise that I'm not sleeping well...first place, I have Fibromyalgia which robs me of much sleep. Secondly, my mind is racing like the Indy 500. I was in bed last night before 11 but gave it up and back to our computer. I pulled up the amyloidosis website and checked out a couple of patient testimonials/experiences and stumbled back into one I'd previously read but it just didn't register at that time.

It was from a lady in Coppell whose husband was stricken w/Amy and diagnosed a year later. After a succession of doctors they were referred to none other than M's good is that? They made the decision their best care would be right in Dallas at the Baylor complex. Good decision.

I e-mailed her wee hours of the morning; she had me an answer by the time we were home from morning worship. I had prayed many prayers in hopes that he was alive but sadly, he died in May 2009. He was stricken in 2001 so he made it eight years. Of course, he was the age of our sons.

She wrote, "Excellent doctors, the power of prayer, a positive attitude and an early diagnoses were the keys to David's rapid progress and healing." Oct 2002.

In August 2005 they celebrated 3 years since the stem cell transplant and he was doing great. Amy returned but w/treatment went in remission.

We have no idea what lies ahead for us...this is a wait-learn deal. But God is in this with fact, HE is leading the way.

Here's the lesson...God delivered a message, "Here, let me open the door for you."

Guess what? He's He gentle. But, HE's into positive action and before we can pass through? He's ahead about three or more doors...and they're all open.

Thank you, Father...oh how we thank you.

Balanced and Unafraid...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

True Patriot

True Patriot

Our nation is preparing to honor those who have gone before us...defending our freedom and paying the price. They are and all. To some, it may be just another holiday, another day off...another cook-out. On the other hand, there are those who have lost loved ones, those of us who have anxiously waited for loved ones...those who are still waiting for loved is a day to honor patriots.

M and I put 32 years into serving this country. Physically speaking I was not 'in the army'; nonetheless, I was 'in it'. How could I not be, when my heart was with the servant? My heart beat w/his during the best of times...and ached w/his in the worst of times...God walked with us and we survived.

Our lives have been most fascinating; we've seen much of the world, we've done much and God has used us in surprising ways. With that thought in mind, we've grown 'old'...'older'? Oh yes, indeed we have. More and more we've asked ourselves what would God have in mind for us now? Now that we are 'up there', that is. Had we outgrown our usefulness?

I bemoaned the fact that the two of us stopped writing the Shepherd's Talk and Ewe's Muse last December. Writing is my true passion...good or not, I love to put my thoughts out there...share things. M constantly encouraged me to blog...which I did on Filler' Up...but something was missing. Mmm...Michael was missing...and he's the greatest part of my life...(I love him).

April 21st is a day we'll not soon, if ever, forget. Amy (Amyloidosis from here on out) made herself known in our lives. Guess we could've called it Loid..but Amy is easy to say and so it is...Amy is the 'other woman'.

Our lives have changed this week...and we know our mission. God is using He always yet another surprising way. I'll elaborate in a few patient.

Every morning, first thing, we have our coffee...we make a a day with God plus another thought...sit, drink, read, eat and watch the birds...such a pleasure! Mmm, ever so nice. These past few weeks and days, we have been blest with yet another beautiful view from our 'window to His world'.

You see, M gave me a little rose plant for Valentine's Day...he repotted it and it has tripled in size. A month ago the most gorgeous red rose bloomed...then another and they lasted over two weeks.

This week, wonder of wonders, eleven buds appeared...gorgeous. So, we sit, ooh and aahhh and talk about God and today we're looking at seven beautiful red roses. M says, 'Vasca, that's my gift to you that keeps on giving.' God, I hope that gift lives forever.

It's called 'The Patriot'.

Balanced and Unafraid...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Not?

This is a joint effort...not a Vasca blog. Michael is relaxing his brain tonight...poor lamb has been in a whirl and is loosening the grip a bit. He'll join us later...honestly.

If you've heard it once, you've probably heard it a myriad of times..."Why me, Lord? Why me?" Many bemoan the fact that they are 'thrown under the bus'...translated to being struck w/a serious disease or illness.

I was born w/a rare birth defect...and amazingly overcame it. M and I have always looked at it like...'Hey, I wouldn't wish my condition off on someone else. What kind of a person would I be to wish such a thing? No way...we'll make it and besides, we have the BEST expert available.'

You know, we were just a couple of naive, wide-eyed people when we married and we never had a and stuff like that...but we were so rich we glowed. We had determined to have God at the top of our 'list of everything' and He never left the top of the leader board. HE went with us wherever, whenever and never missed a security deluxe. We didn't worry, we were always excited about what was around the corner. Everything was a big adventure...God's adventure!

All our experiences were building, building to something fantastic...we didn't know what...we just went with the flow, so to speak. We thought the China experience was the top of the charts but slowly our thinking began to change.

We knew...we really knew...that God still had something in mind for us; we often wondered exactly what it would be. Now, we no longer wonder...we know...we know!

We've had this stranger in our lives since Friday morning...and why does it seem like such a long time ago? We've been in a whirl-and-a-half since then. Last night both of us were totally exhausted, mentally as well as physically.

Terry Rush wrote about us in his Morning Rush blogspot and I totally lost it...I wept for a very long time and even tear up writing this about it. He touched both of us...and we've never laid eyes on each other. A God Work again. That isn't the only tear-break. When I write to you, I cry...and cry! Like now...and the tears won't stop. I don't want Michael to see me cry so...he's gonna' catch me one of these times. It breaks my much.

Okay, moving on; M's brother is a doctor (GP) and a very good one. He and his wife live in Dallas and wanted to come over Sunday after worship for lunch w/us. He thought he should sneak a look at he took out his tiny light (we use a huge flashlight) and a tongue depressor (we don't use anything) and proceeded to peer in M's throat. "Mike, I've never seen anything like that in my entire life." Welcome to the club, Dr. Beall.

He shared medical info w/us and headed home. Nice to see family...M's sister died of cancer in 1998...M and Ben are the only ones left in their family. Ben thinks along the same lines as we do...rational, focused steps.

I'm considering having a cell phone transplanted on Michael's ear...up early, Dr Ben called and he had just spoken to a leading expert on Amyloidosis at Winship Cancer Center at Emory Med. School in Atlanta. Our youngest son lives very near Emory.

Info from top notch facilities is promising...very promising. If M and I had been doing this alone, we'd be in orbit by now. Our family has become Team Mission Impossible...fantastic. I'll bring you up to date on all this next post...very exciting developments! Woo-Hoo!

A little humor here...if you don't mind. We have a gorgeous Rag Doll cat named Gibby. She's a dream of a girl and so loving, no problem ever. She loves to be where we are and when he and I aren't in the same room? She gives each of us equal time...she isn't biased at all. This morning (as usual) she was pestering M to pet and play w/her. He looked and looked at her, then said to me "Well, if she ever starts sticking to me 24/7 I'll go ballistic." Referring to the 'Death Cat'. So, we're needs more 'lerts.

On that note I'll close. By the way, thank you for accompanying us and your comments are very touching...very precious to us...we need you. This journey promises to be a true Spirit walk...the very best kind. We're here to tell you that we are so excited we almost forget to breathe...woo-hoo!

Balanced and Unafraid....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stranger in Paradise

This is a joint venture for Michael and, it's me, Vasca. As we wrote in our profile, we've been around the world and back! Two ordinaries from the oilfields of Oklahoma and Texas...we have really been around. We never dreamed our lives would take such an unpredictable path...and we should've known there was even more excitement ahead.

You know how most days are ordinary, some are extraordinary...yesterday was definitely a huge 'extra'...and then some. I feel if yesterday was a long time ago...not just 24 hours! One's mind can play tricks, right? Right.

About ten in the morning our peaceful lives were very rudely interrupted. It was a giant tremor with a strength that was unimaginable...oh yeah! It totally threw the two of us under the bus, so to speak. I'll try to explain as best I can.

It all began on April 20th, when the love of my life, Michael, discovered 'Wicked' lurking at the back of his throat. I privately pooh-pooed it at first...guess women are quick to say men are big babies...not like we brave females who bear the pains of childbirth!!! I didn't voice that opinion...just kept it to myself...M is definitely not an alarmist or hypochondriac. We took the stance that it should be seen ASAP, which it was. Even more ASAP-er an ENT physician checked him and scheduled a biopsy.

His post-op was scheduled eight days later...but wait a sec...what's this? Hmmm, the growth that was sucked out or whatever...was resurrected three days after the surgery! What??? What a comeback...Comeback Wicked in the flesh.

That's when Wicked's sidekick ambushed us...on our own turf, yet.

Michael was diagnosed with Amyloidosis...oh? What's that...never heard of it...did you? Not many have and even more strange, it's very, very rare! Aren't we the lucky ones? About 3,000 per year in the U.S...perhaps 50,000 in the entire world. The ENT doctor had only even seen two other cases. Call us 'clueless'...totally clueless!

I've slept very little ~ a few hours Thursday night...anticipation? Friday, we spent the entire day on the Internet...researching 'Wicked'...Michael has this wonderful gift of immediately falling to sleep...I am the opposite (they say opposites attract and we are that) I finally drifted off at 4 A.M. We agreed that we've never absorbed so much so quickly...what a day!

Our family is into the search and rescue mode, along with M and me! Must admit that I 'lost it' for a few moments much so that I clipped the carport as I was backing out in the car! Ouch..not much damage to either but I wasn't in control...not at all. While M was napping I had a private ten second weep...I was entitled!

We've no idea if this adventure will be long or short...but we love won't you come along?

Balanced & Unafraid...