Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Confirming Experience

Michael & Vasca's Four Sons...
L to R...Patrick #3, Scott #4, Jeffrey #2 and Steven #1

Last week most blogs concentrated on thankfulness...after all, Thanksgiving is a time when most of us give much thought to what we are thankful for. God knows we have more than enough...most have enough blessings to cover a multitude of those who have few.

M and I have always been thankful for so much; but now that the designated 'day of thanks' is past we've more thankfulness than ever before. Why is that? It's very simple...really!

Last Thursday, for the first time in more than eight years...we had our entire family together. The last time was our fiftieth wedding anniversary ~ two months prior to our departure for a year in China which became more than two years. At that time our youngest grandchild was four years old...our oldest was twenty-two. This time together they are twelve to thirty.

Three have graduated from college, three are in college w/one of those graduating next month, four in junior high and high school w/one of those graduating in May and off to college. Our family is in God's hands; all are in good health and thankfully working...great blessings.

Thursday was a celebration that greatly impacted the two of us; we believe it impacted our entire family as well. Words won't do justice to the joys of the day...of course there are pictures galore. It was like 'celebrities w/the paparazzi' 'cause the cameras and flashes were popping all over the place.

We know we love each other...we know we are loved...but that day? God blest all twenty of us with an exponential confirmation of that love.

This quote from Ann Landers is worth thinking about...
"If you have a good name, if you are right more often than you are wrong, if your children respect you, if your grandchildren are glad to see you, if your friends can count on you and you can count on them in time of trouble, if you can face your God and say 'I have done my best,' then you are a success."

Oh My! "I have done my best...Thank You, Father."

I remain...Balanced and Unafraid...

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