Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What about tomorrow?

Yeah, what about tomorrow anyway? First off, tomorrow is THE day we (that would be Michael & Vasca...our family and friends)...learn at last what type of Amyloidosis Michael has...hey, we might even talk about a treatment plan...who knows? God has all the details...Dr. Holmes has the word on paper...we will be the last to know.

We've waited and waited for seems like an eternity but really it isn't...hasn't been so long. Actually 93 days since M discovered Amy in his throat...he didn't know Amy then, but Amy had moved in unannounced! How rude is that?

You know, when something so unusual occurs in your life, you think everyone else is as obsessed as you. But that's unrealistic, isn't it? Not everyone becomes involved in everyone else's life...we might all go ballistic and lose it.

I pray that I will always be aware of others and what's taking place in their lives...and let them know I care, I truly care. William Arthur Ward wrote, “Three keys to more abundant living: caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others.”

This is my plan from this day forward...I will care about others...I will dare for others and I will share with others...that is a God Work, right? Of course and I really like working with God...HE knows how to work it.

No matter what comes tomorrow, we are balanced and unafraid...

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