Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Heart plus Two Hands

“To receive everything, one must open one's hands and give” Taisen Deshimaru

In China, it's customary when you give someone something you use both hands. I liked that and still try to practice it. I extend it w/both hands and I also do it with my heart wide open...a two fold thing...that's the way I'm thinking. Keeps me balanced and trust me, I do need balance!

Why's that? Well, because I am a 1st class KLUTZ...I wasn't tagged Fiasco for nothing. When we re-located to Norman Oklahoma I met a man who became a very close friend. But, as it happens w/most people, he couldn't get my name right (who ever met a Vasca) so he announced, "I'll just call you Fiasco"...and it stuck. Michael informed him that he was right on target 'cause I truly was a 'Fiasco'. I'm a disaster in so many respects...M doesn't really want to hurt my feelings but he's much more comfortable when I keep my distance from his projects.

Offsetting my disastrous side would be my love for sharing and giving. I caught that from my sweet dad...he loved to give, and give...oh wow, he was a giver and then some. Lots of times he would bring something to our house and say that he thought I needed it and so it was mine. Oops, he didn't consult mother about it so I would quietly take it back. Birds, dogs, tools...nothing was sacred.

I've known those who said when their ship came in, they'd do this and that; something big that would make an impact...a big difference. If I waited for 'my ship' to come in, what if it never made it? Oops...sorry 'bout that.

M and I live in a comfortably small house...we call it our charming cottage. We have a very old Dodge Ram truck...we call him Henry...we are a friendly couple...we call us Michael and Vasca. We've everything we could possibly need or want and we're happy, contented and totally God.

We've emptied ourselves for Him and have not once regretted it ~ we consider it a blessing that we could and would do that. And what did He do? For starters He is steering us through this Amyloidosis incurable, rare disease...we're sailing in calm seas, no matter what comes. Each morning we greet each other with smiling kisses, joy in our hearts...and a day full of love...some start, huh?

You see, everything counts, whether big or small...whenever opportunities pop up like popcorn, we can do something. Simple enough, just open our eyes, our ears and most importantly...keep our hearts open. I'm staying needs more 'lerts anyway! Balanced and unafraid...I'm trying.

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