Saturday, October 16, 2010


A few years ago, M and I planted (well okay, M planted but he and I picked it out) a very healthy morning glory plant. It has provided us with oodles of pleasure w/it's healthy foliage and gorgeous flowers...year after year. Until this year...ouch. The greenery was so pretty, spreading everywhere w/what? Not a single sign of a flower...where in the world are they this year? We've not a clue. But...hope springs eternal and last week old eagle-eyed M spied a couple of pods and what d'ya know? We're about to have A (as in one) flower...well, one is better than none, right? The morning glory is rather like me...that is, according to our youngest son...#4...Scott...his mother (that would be me, of course) is also a late bloomer.

Our city is in the process of Rehabilitating The least that's what the big sign says that's sitting in our front yard. Talk about a mess? We aren't complaining though because it's well worth it; an entire facelift for our street. The water truck wets the street down several times each day; trying to keep the dust down until it's paving time...sadly, it isn't helping much. Dust covers the truck and car; also covers the morning glory...but M is watering it, trying to keep it dust free and even praying for it. It really needs to speed it up before a frost hits us...and today...guess what??? The bud is opening and a flower is peeping out...awesome!

Back to the comparison bit...I seem to be spending most of this fourth quarter of my life...blooming. The mistakes I made several years ago could've destroyed me, hurt my family but God helped my 5 men dust me off, He helped them 'feed' me...prayed for me...and here I am, makin' it and blooming every step of the way.

Sharon Olds wrote..."I was a late bloomer. But anyone who blooms at all is very lucky." Wow...what if our beautiful morning glory never bloomed...and oh my, what if I'd never bloomed? Even one someone might have missed out on something special...imagine that. I'm thinking I don't want to give up or write something wonderful off...especially people. does take time, thoughtfulness and prayer and it needs to be wrapped in love...but you know something? When I touch someone or someone touches me? I feel so alive and I'm not about to let the dust settle.

Balanced and Unafraid...

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