Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Better Watch Out...

How many times have we heard those words...'specially this time of the year? Watch out for...Santa Claus 'cause he knows if we've been good or bad, pouted or cried? Ouch. I will say I've been much better this year than last...that's progress on a bevy of fronts. I very much had room for improvement with a capital I.

Christmas is coming...this week! I love it! And before we know it 2011 will begin; which means lots of people will make resolutions about everything from soup to nuts...almost..and most of them will be quickly forgotten...what do you think? Along those lines, here's something I am going to build on for the coming year:

I will watch my thoughts; they become words (Fill up with kind & positive thoughts)

I will watch my words; they become actions
(Learning to control my tongue...okay but that's a real biggie)

I will watch my actions; they became habits (No hateful stuff...
no turning green with envy...loving actions and reactions)

I will watch my habits; they become character (Difficult to correct habits/lots of work to do)

Last but not least I will watch my character; it becomes my destiny.
(Okay, I'm a character I know, but a Character like His? Can I do it?
If I try I know I can and He will help me; what an awesome destiny)
Adapted by Vasca...original by Frank Outlaw

Michael has a book "The Jesus Habits" and I want him to read it to me...a group of men have been studying it together...it's good. What better habits could I have, could we have than those of Christ himself.

So..."you'd better watch out, you'd better not cry...better not pout, I'm tellin' you why? He's makin' a list, checkin' it twice...gonna' find out who's naughty or nice"...

Not concerned about pleasing Santa...he's goin' back to the North Pole. I'm concentrating on pleasing the one 'higher up'.

Balanced and unafraid...

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Erin E. McEndree said...

Several years ago I began to make only one resolution...and I have not broken it yet. My only resolution is this: when I am shopping and I find an item that reminds me of someone, I buy it for them and mail it to them. Of course I need to pray more and read my bible more and eat better, but I will break those before February starts. I have been so blessed, and I share that by not only thinking of others, but telling them, too. Like I said, I have never broken this resolution!! Love to you and have a Merry CHRISTmas. Love, Erin