Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Things...

An unknown person wrote, "Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts."

Being aware of others is important...I think most people like to be noticed. Not in a spectacular way, just noticed...knowing someone recognizes they are there...they are something, they count!

It seems to me that the 'stars' of the world always get the most acclaim, the most attention. There are many others who never seem to be noticed...or acclaimed. I think it hurts...I can identify w/that. My life was full of being the girl no one knew was there...okay, I was the girl w/the ink spotted leg and very shy. Also I went to school w/the likes of Debbie Reynolds in California...big competition huh?

I've changed...oh how I've changed; I'm no longer the shy one or the one no one notices. I've made it through many life-changing incidents...believe me, I was really banged-up...guess I'm a survivor but with help from God and my my determination to do better...I survived. I want to make a difference.

That includes doing little things...I suppose you've heard the old line, "little things mean a lot"...haven't heard it before, then you have now. I don't need to wait 'til I can do something grand for someone...that isn't important. Nor is it important for others to know how great a thing I've done. I can do it anonymously...that's a fun thing to do...and it can make a difference.

I love Dr. Seuss and this is just one of his jewels, "I'm sorry to say but sadly it's true that bang-ups and hang-ups can happen to you." They do, every day...every day something comes along to bang me up...if not every day then certainly often enough to try to get me off balance.

M and I had been home from China for a month when quite unexpectedly my youngest sibling, Johnny, died. Two months later my mother died. M and I were living in our 5th wheel, we didn't know when we would settle down...our lives were in a turmoil. Friends did a lot ot little things for us...that helped. We needed help...lots of it...loving, tender care...we were fragile...we were banged-up and hung-up in a big way.

I've failed to notice...(but I have been working on that)...failed to notice the aching of others...they need noticing. They've been banged-up and they hurt.

Look at others, really look...not just a slight glance. Looking at their eyes, I can see what's going on ~ sometimes I can see tears hiding there. So I do something very can do the same...remember, little things mean a lot...they can make a difference. Think about it...

balanced and unafraid...

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