Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Walking in Happiness

Okay, so now you know I'm a Fiasco...but know this, I definitely am a happy one. I went from insecure to a somewhat blissful status when I was blest in marriage to my #1 man...that would be Michael. We've been together a very long time now...and tell you the truth, it's a God Work.

I suppose you could say Michael was 'swept off his feet'. How so? Well, goes like this. He and I dated for awhile, even after he told his friends that I was one girl who would 'never' set foot in his car. Big mistake, sweet one. I ended up owning half of everything he has...taught him, huh?

Like I said, we dated until he was whisked off to Korea...his Oklahoma National Guard unit was mobilized for the Korean conflict. He came to say good-bye but alas, I had moved to California, lived with my aunt and got a job...you know, the one at Forest Lawn (the cemetary)...how romantic...not. The warrior left and we proceeded to correspond...he soldiered and I dated (sort of shopping). Things progressed and we fell more in love...those things happen...you know?

I told him I had a check-list for what I wanted in a life partner...he never believed that, but that's the truth...trust me. I knew exactly what I wanted and that's exactly what I got...perfect choice...he got all the right check marks.

A year passed and soon enough he had an exit date and would be home. In the meantime, I planned our wedding. Set the date, bought my dress and had the invitations printed. One thing though...he'd never actually proposed...I just planned it and that was that.

Someone asked me what would I have done if he hadn't 'accepted' and gone along with it? Well, you know...I don't know because I never once considered that. I do know that God Work takes care of those things and just look what happened...you certainly can't argue with the results, can you?

We've four fantastic sons...geniuses, I promise you. We are so proud of them; four wonderful daughter-in-laws and ten just as wonderful grandchildren.

My best laid plans? Thank God, Michael came along for the walk...walking in happiness is the walk of a lifetime.

And that's a plus...it enables me, at times, to be 'balanced and unafraid'.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So many memories. Thanks for the adventures. Love you, M

Anonymous said...

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You married a good man, and he is connected with the Holy Spirit! I am always blessed to hear what he shares in class! :)