Saturday, January 1, 2011


How exciting, a new day...a new year...and I wonder what God has lined up for me this year? M and I pray that He will provide opportunities for us to be used in His kingdom. If He says "Go"...Varoom! Now wait a minute...I'm not forgetting the last 'Go' He whispered. China was a bit further than I would've expected but it changed my life...changed a lot of lives. I'm not thinking about all the other places He could come up with...oh, wow! But...He knows...I'll go.

Going means moving...and I'm a klutz who constantly gets out of whack and tangles up my feet while moving. Albert Einstein said, "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." Isn't that the truth?

Balance is important...good at losing my balance and ouch...down I go. Trouble w/me is I'm afraid of falling. Okay, that's leads me to focus...I have to focus on something...hmm, and that would be? Looking up...if I look up I don't focus on bang-ups and hang-ups...that's good. So, I'll concentrate on Him and what He wants. Anyway it's not about me and my stuff and what I want...why, oh why is that so difficult for me to practice??? I have so much more than I need...really, it's about's about others, all those others. Oh, me!

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Life's most urgent question is, what are you doing for others."

That's a very good question...pricks my conscience but I truly am keeping my eyes and ears open for opportunities to help's most important/necessary to be receptive. Believe me, God doesn't waste any time...He's

Like in the grocery store the other favorite checker looked very sad...I asked about her Christmas and she said it was okay. Just then Michael called me and his caller ID is "I just called to say I love you"...she smiled when she heard the ring and asked if that was my phone (it kept playing as I had to dig it out of my purse). I laughed and said it was...she asked how long we'd been married and I replied 58 years adding they just get better every day. She said I was so blest...yeah, I know. As I was taking the receipts, etc. from her...she leaned over and quietly asked me to pray for her. I asked why and she said "Circumstances"...I think she wanted to cry...I wanted to cry and it makes me cry now...for her, and her circumstances.. Please God, help her.

"Wonderful Father, Here we are, beginning a new year; my prayer is that as you continue giving me opportunities. I'll take action and shine your light, give drinks of your living water. Thank you for loving me and for trusting me to serve others. Help me to keep my momentum and not lose my balance. In Your Son's Most Wonderful Name, Amen."

Balanced and unafraid...

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