Saturday, May 29, 2010

True Patriot

True Patriot

Our nation is preparing to honor those who have gone before us...defending our freedom and paying the price. They are and all. To some, it may be just another holiday, another day off...another cook-out. On the other hand, there are those who have lost loved ones, those of us who have anxiously waited for loved ones...those who are still waiting for loved is a day to honor patriots.

M and I put 32 years into serving this country. Physically speaking I was not 'in the army'; nonetheless, I was 'in it'. How could I not be, when my heart was with the servant? My heart beat w/his during the best of times...and ached w/his in the worst of times...God walked with us and we survived.

Our lives have been most fascinating; we've seen much of the world, we've done much and God has used us in surprising ways. With that thought in mind, we've grown 'old'...'older'? Oh yes, indeed we have. More and more we've asked ourselves what would God have in mind for us now? Now that we are 'up there', that is. Had we outgrown our usefulness?

I bemoaned the fact that the two of us stopped writing the Shepherd's Talk and Ewe's Muse last December. Writing is my true passion...good or not, I love to put my thoughts out there...share things. M constantly encouraged me to blog...which I did on Filler' Up...but something was missing. Mmm...Michael was missing...and he's the greatest part of my life...(I love him).

April 21st is a day we'll not soon, if ever, forget. Amy (Amyloidosis from here on out) made herself known in our lives. Guess we could've called it Loid..but Amy is easy to say and so it is...Amy is the 'other woman'.

Our lives have changed this week...and we know our mission. God is using He always yet another surprising way. I'll elaborate in a few patient.

Every morning, first thing, we have our coffee...we make a a day with God plus another thought...sit, drink, read, eat and watch the birds...such a pleasure! Mmm, ever so nice. These past few weeks and days, we have been blest with yet another beautiful view from our 'window to His world'.

You see, M gave me a little rose plant for Valentine's Day...he repotted it and it has tripled in size. A month ago the most gorgeous red rose bloomed...then another and they lasted over two weeks.

This week, wonder of wonders, eleven buds appeared...gorgeous. So, we sit, ooh and aahhh and talk about God and today we're looking at seven beautiful red roses. M says, 'Vasca, that's my gift to you that keeps on giving.' God, I hope that gift lives forever.

It's called 'The Patriot'.

Balanced and Unafraid...

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