Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Not?

This is a joint effort...not a Vasca blog. Michael is relaxing his brain tonight...poor lamb has been in a whirl and is loosening the grip a bit. He'll join us later...honestly.

If you've heard it once, you've probably heard it a myriad of times..."Why me, Lord? Why me?" Many bemoan the fact that they are 'thrown under the bus'...translated to being struck w/a serious disease or illness.

I was born w/a rare birth defect...and amazingly overcame it. M and I have always looked at it like...'Hey, I wouldn't wish my condition off on someone else. What kind of a person would I be to wish such a thing? No way...we'll make it and besides, we have the BEST expert available.'

You know, we were just a couple of naive, wide-eyed people when we married and we never had a and stuff like that...but we were so rich we glowed. We had determined to have God at the top of our 'list of everything' and He never left the top of the leader board. HE went with us wherever, whenever and never missed a security deluxe. We didn't worry, we were always excited about what was around the corner. Everything was a big adventure...God's adventure!

All our experiences were building, building to something fantastic...we didn't know what...we just went with the flow, so to speak. We thought the China experience was the top of the charts but slowly our thinking began to change.

We knew...we really knew...that God still had something in mind for us; we often wondered exactly what it would be. Now, we no longer wonder...we know...we know!

We've had this stranger in our lives since Friday morning...and why does it seem like such a long time ago? We've been in a whirl-and-a-half since then. Last night both of us were totally exhausted, mentally as well as physically.

Terry Rush wrote about us in his Morning Rush blogspot and I totally lost it...I wept for a very long time and even tear up writing this about it. He touched both of us...and we've never laid eyes on each other. A God Work again. That isn't the only tear-break. When I write to you, I cry...and cry! Like now...and the tears won't stop. I don't want Michael to see me cry so...he's gonna' catch me one of these times. It breaks my much.

Okay, moving on; M's brother is a doctor (GP) and a very good one. He and his wife live in Dallas and wanted to come over Sunday after worship for lunch w/us. He thought he should sneak a look at he took out his tiny light (we use a huge flashlight) and a tongue depressor (we don't use anything) and proceeded to peer in M's throat. "Mike, I've never seen anything like that in my entire life." Welcome to the club, Dr. Beall.

He shared medical info w/us and headed home. Nice to see family...M's sister died of cancer in 1998...M and Ben are the only ones left in their family. Ben thinks along the same lines as we do...rational, focused steps.

I'm considering having a cell phone transplanted on Michael's ear...up early, Dr Ben called and he had just spoken to a leading expert on Amyloidosis at Winship Cancer Center at Emory Med. School in Atlanta. Our youngest son lives very near Emory.

Info from top notch facilities is promising...very promising. If M and I had been doing this alone, we'd be in orbit by now. Our family has become Team Mission Impossible...fantastic. I'll bring you up to date on all this next post...very exciting developments! Woo-Hoo!

A little humor here...if you don't mind. We have a gorgeous Rag Doll cat named Gibby. She's a dream of a girl and so loving, no problem ever. She loves to be where we are and when he and I aren't in the same room? She gives each of us equal time...she isn't biased at all. This morning (as usual) she was pestering M to pet and play w/her. He looked and looked at her, then said to me "Well, if she ever starts sticking to me 24/7 I'll go ballistic." Referring to the 'Death Cat'. So, we're needs more 'lerts.

On that note I'll close. By the way, thank you for accompanying us and your comments are very touching...very precious to us...we need you. This journey promises to be a true Spirit walk...the very best kind. We're here to tell you that we are so excited we almost forget to breathe...woo-hoo!

Balanced and Unafraid....

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