Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stranger in Paradise

This is a joint venture for Michael and, it's me, Vasca. As we wrote in our profile, we've been around the world and back! Two ordinaries from the oilfields of Oklahoma and Texas...we have really been around. We never dreamed our lives would take such an unpredictable path...and we should've known there was even more excitement ahead.

You know how most days are ordinary, some are extraordinary...yesterday was definitely a huge 'extra'...and then some. I feel if yesterday was a long time ago...not just 24 hours! One's mind can play tricks, right? Right.

About ten in the morning our peaceful lives were very rudely interrupted. It was a giant tremor with a strength that was unimaginable...oh yeah! It totally threw the two of us under the bus, so to speak. I'll try to explain as best I can.

It all began on April 20th, when the love of my life, Michael, discovered 'Wicked' lurking at the back of his throat. I privately pooh-pooed it at first...guess women are quick to say men are big babies...not like we brave females who bear the pains of childbirth!!! I didn't voice that opinion...just kept it to myself...M is definitely not an alarmist or hypochondriac. We took the stance that it should be seen ASAP, which it was. Even more ASAP-er an ENT physician checked him and scheduled a biopsy.

His post-op was scheduled eight days later...but wait a sec...what's this? Hmmm, the growth that was sucked out or whatever...was resurrected three days after the surgery! What??? What a comeback...Comeback Wicked in the flesh.

That's when Wicked's sidekick ambushed us...on our own turf, yet.

Michael was diagnosed with Amyloidosis...oh? What's that...never heard of it...did you? Not many have and even more strange, it's very, very rare! Aren't we the lucky ones? About 3,000 per year in the U.S...perhaps 50,000 in the entire world. The ENT doctor had only even seen two other cases. Call us 'clueless'...totally clueless!

I've slept very little ~ a few hours Thursday night...anticipation? Friday, we spent the entire day on the Internet...researching 'Wicked'...Michael has this wonderful gift of immediately falling to sleep...I am the opposite (they say opposites attract and we are that) I finally drifted off at 4 A.M. We agreed that we've never absorbed so much so quickly...what a day!

Our family is into the search and rescue mode, along with M and me! Must admit that I 'lost it' for a few moments much so that I clipped the carport as I was backing out in the car! Ouch..not much damage to either but I wasn't in control...not at all. While M was napping I had a private ten second weep...I was entitled!

We've no idea if this adventure will be long or short...but we love won't you come along?

Balanced & Unafraid...

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