Thursday, January 13, 2011


Michael's fond of saying, 'Vasca and I don't even buy green bananas"...and we laughingly tell people that M's older than dirt and I'm dirt. For years we joked about 'getting old' and what d'ya know? Now, much too soon in our estimation, we find ourselves...old. Who knows if we'll be around long enough for the bananas to ripen? We don't care...taking it a day at a time.

We had no plans when we married (who can think of plans when you're sooo in love) road map. Honestly...even then it was day to day w/God in the seemed that each day was adventure filled. I did my best to make it so. With four little boys who were stair could we not be filled w/excitement? Life was always 'what's next'?

Isak Denesen wrote, "God made the world round so we would never be able to see too far down the road." In my case that was probably best...for some of the adventures down the road might have scared me to pieces.

I believe God always had a plan for my life...a plan for Michael and I together, a be conduits for His living water. Would I have dreamed of carrying it to Germany...even to China? How about to airports, to my back door? Me? Sharing my faith...are you kidding me? Yeah...that's the same me who was embarassed about my faith...the faith I never exhibited...ever! Oh, I wonder how God had the patience to wait for me...well, the important thing is...I changed!

I'm no longer afraid to tell strangers how God has changed my life...I've not enough words to tell everything He's done for me. Today I'm about reaching out...reaching out and touching others...about relationships...about making a difference and by the way, it's a very sweet life.

Albert Einstein said, "A person starts to live when he can live outside himself." I'm living outside myself and guess what? I am...

Balanced and unafraid...

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