Sunday, March 6, 2011


A week before Spring Break and the world is not co-operative; it's still upside down and we've no idea where it's headed. Our perfect world seems to be trembling a tad.

Annette Funicello said "Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful"; she was an original Walt Disney Mouseketeer, then a movie star, singer; beautiful and so talented. What most would consider 'a perfect world' crashed. when at the age of 50, she announced she had MS...she suffers but wrote those words...she would know.

All of us are aware of how fortunate, or perhaps I should say how blest we are...we have everything many times over. Our 'stuff' is can consume us, right?

Much of our stuff is trash; we have a recycle program here...the truck comes by every week to pick up our paper, plastic, etc. Here's how they do it in China. Cardboard boxes, paper bags, bottles, etc. are valuable commodities...the residents haggle w/the poor who come by and 'buy' it. Then they sell it to some other enterprising agent...commerce, yes?

M and I live in a modest house...almost 1000 sq. ft. This is the size of a typical Chinese apartment; of course many are smaller. Our place would be coveted by many.

That's good...but...the poor family who just sold their trash they bought from the resident? Those who lived near us slept under a nearby bridge; their bed was a piece of the cardboard they bought. They may have a bed covering...they cook over a small heater. What to cook? Anything they can rustle up.

Aah, you're thinking this is an exaggeration? Not...not.

China has a new cultural group, the 'Ant Tribe' or the 'Ant People'. These are the thousands of college graduates who cannot find employment. They cluster together in the cities; live 4-6 in small, cheap apartments. Discouraged, unhappy, a loss as to what they will reality, what can they do?

Can you imagine belonging to an Ant Tribe? Or being dubbed an Ant Person? People are Dr. Seuss said, "A person's a person, no matter how small." Wow, ants are very small...Hello, Ant Person??? God created us in His image...we are equal in His sight, are we not? And...we are not 'ants'.

America seems destined for a big 'belt-tightening'...meaning we need to help each other; aah, come to think of it...that's what God's Son was into and I believe He gave His all...for all.

I ask Father to forgive my selfishness, my love for my 'stuff' and I am keeping my eyes open for everyone around matter how matter how small.

Balanced and Unafraid...

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Greg England said...

Found you via Terry Rush's blog. I've known and loved Terry for many years. Haven't left any comments until now, but I enjoy what you write and I check your blog often.