Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ready or not, it's Super Bowl time. Would you like to see some football? Who will take home the trophy...braggin' rights...and a very large sum of money? The most respected prognosticator says it will be 'the Steelers'...bad news for the Cheeseheads aka Green Bay Packers.

Enough to make their fans sit up and take notice, don't you imagine?

Some unknown person said "It's no good to sit up and take notice if we just keep on sitting." Okay, the weather has been fierce...deep snow...lots of ice...delayed flights...aggravated people; just wonderin' what would happen if no fans showed up? Well, no doubt the teams would have to go ahead and play...someone has to claim the trophy and take home all that cash.

That's not gonna' happen...the stadium will be full, come more snow or the postman, you know? Doesn't matter. Nothing will stand in the way; especially w/Jerry 'Texas Big Entertainment Mogul' Jones in charge.

Honestly, there is so much entertainment out there...and, after all, we've just 24 hours in each day...have lots of stuff to pack in. 'Here comes Johnny (Carson)' once said, "People will pay more to be entertained than educated." May be an exaggeration but I admit we've no shortage of name it, we have it. If we don't have it, we'll get it. Please don't misunderstand, I love being entertained...too much.

But still...what if the performers had no spectators...what if no one showed. Would the show go on? Hmm.

Writing about the Super Bowl caused me to think a lot about my Father. I know, I know...God is not in the entertainment business; however...He is in the highest business imaginable (matter of fact, one might even need oxygen)...ergo, I'm making many major changes!

As in, "I'm outta' my seat and ready to perform" 'bout you?

Balanced and Unafraid...

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Erin said...

We need to be pleased with only One spectator, don't we? He's the best One, too. He loves us...always, he is always rooting for us even when we 'stink', he never gives up on us even if we never make it to the 'Super Bowl' of our talent. Maybe no one is in our stands to cheer us on, but our Publisher and Editor is always there, so, Vasca, keep on keeping on!! Love to you, Erin